MCA Coding

mca-smDavid Greening is a Nominated Coding Surveyor for the Yacht Designers and Surveyors Association Certifying Authority.

He offers a “hands on service” for commercial vessel operators throughout South Devon and has Coded many different types of vessel.  Ranging from Charter RIBS, sailing yachts, tripping boats, dive and survey vessels.

As a qualified Naval Architect and YDSA Level 2 Nominated Surveyor he can produce and complete stability books for Category 0 and 1 operation in house.

David has acted as an Expert Witness on MCA Coding matters.

“I would always recommend using a local surveyor for an MCA Coding inspection.   In practice it is rare for a boat to demonstrate compliance to all of the coding requirements on the first inspection.  Therefore for operators in South Devon I am happy to include an initial consultation, the out-of-the water inspection and a follow up visit within my standard fee.”

If you would like a quotation for David Greening to carry out a Coding Inspection please use the “Get a Quote” link.